Nico Prananta

Software Developer
Swift Management AG (Basel) and Hyperjump Technology (Indonesia)

Hi, I'm Nico, a passionate Web and iOS Developer from the heart of Zurich, Switzerland. I thrive on creating efficient, cutting-edge applications. TypeScript is my go-to language for sculpting scalable web solutions, and I have a particular fondness for frameworks like Next.js and Remix, which help me bring dynamic, robust web experiences to life. On the backend, I dive deep into the world of Node.js, orchestrating server-side magic.

When it comes to database management, I'm hands-on with SQLite, Prisma, and PostgreSQL, crafting sturdy and reliable data infrastructures. I have a keen eye for clean, maintainable code. You won't catch me using one-letter type names—I prefer descriptive, expressive TypeScript typing and the clarity of the Array generic syntax.

Style-wise, I embrace the utility-first philosophy of Tailwind CSS, creating responsive, visually appealing interfaces. My coding principles are mirrored in my Prettier setup: I value readability above all, which means no semicolons, tab-based indentation, and a preference for single quotes. This approach not only streamlines my code but also aligns with my belief in a clear and elegant coding style.