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Advent of Pull Requests Best Practice - Day 12

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    Nico Prananta
Advent of Pull Requests Best Practice - Day 12

Today let's talk about a cool trick in the software development playbook: using draft Pull Requests (PRs). Sometimes, you're not ready to unveil your masterpiece of a PR to the world. Maybe you're still fine-tuning those tests, or you're itching for some early thoughts on your approach. This is where draft PRs become your best friend.

Think of a draft PR as a "work in progress" sign. It's a heads-up to your team that this isn't the final show yet. This little move is super handy because it lets everyone know not to dive into a full review mode. It's all about setting the stage right and helping your team manage their review time like pros.

Opening a draft PR is like opening your workshop doors for a sneak peek. Your team gets to see what you're cooking up and chip in with their early ideas and feedback. This kind of early team huddle can be a game-changer. It shapes your work, and sometimes, it can save you from heading down a time-consuming rabbit hole.

But, and this is a big but, communication is key with draft PRs. You've got to be clear about what stage your PR is at. Are you looking for specific feedback? Spell it out in the PR description. Still got a few things on your to-do list, like tests or docs? Let the team know what's still in the pipeline. This way, everyone knows what to expect in the final act.

So, next time you're in the early stages of a PR, consider going the draft route. It's all about collaborating smartly and making the most of your team's insights!

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