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Advent of Pull Requests Best Practice - Day 20

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    Nico Prananta
Advent of Pull Requests Best Practice - Day 20

Many developers have reservations about being labeled as "junior developers," perceiving it as somewhat derogatory. This stems from the observation that even seasoned 'senior' developers can sometimes make basic errors. However, it's undeniable that experience levels vary significantly, particularly in team environments.

During code reviews, particularly those involving less experienced team members, it's crucial to identify and correct common errors. Proactively addressing these issues is key to improving both code quality and the developer's own skill set.

Here are some key areas to focus on in the code reviews:

  • Logical Errors: Check for incorrect logic, such as misused operators, wrong interpretations of conditions, or faulty algorithms. An example is the erroneous substitution of && for ||, leading to incorrect conditional operations.
  • Data Structure Misuse: Ensure that the chosen data structures are optimal for the given problem. For example, opting for an array when a map or set would be more efficient can cause performance lags, especially in large data scenarios.

Stay tuned for more tips tomorrow!

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