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Advent of Pull Requests Best Practice - Day 3

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    Nico Prananta
Advent of Pull Requests Best Practice - Day 3

Happy Sunday, fellow coders! We're diving into Day 3 of the Advent of Pull Request Best Practices. Today, instead of the usual tips on crafting or reviewing PRs, I've got a fun trivia nugget for you.

Picture this: the early days of GitHub, a world without the convenience of pull requests. Sounds almost unimaginable, right? But it's true! When GitHub first hit the scene, pull requests were nowhere in sight. It wasn't until this pivotal moment that everything changed.

The Pull Request feature, initially, was more like a nudge—a special direct message, if you will—urging the repository owner to check out a fork from a specific branch. But today we have a full fledged web UI to manage and collaborate in a pull request. Progress!

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