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Advent of Pull Requests Best Practice - Day 24

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    Nico Prananta
Advent of Pull Requests Best Practice - Day 24

It's amazing to think we've arrived at Christmas Eve, and a big thank you to everyone who's been with us since the start of this series!

Yesterday, we delved into test-related tips. However, the rapid pace of software development sometimes demands quick fixes in production to resolve ongoing issues. These scenarios often require deviating from standard procedures, especially in testing. Here's the approach to take:

  • Adaptability in Emergencies: In critical situations where time is constrained, it might be necessary to accept PRs without accompanying tests. This approach facilitates the swift deployment of essential fixes to address immediate problems in the operational environment.
  • Post-Emergency Testing Commitment: Although prompt action is crucial in emergencies, it's equally vital to sustain code quality and prevent future issues. I strongly recommend that every bug fix should ideally include tests. If the urgency prevents concurrent test development, plan for a subsequent addition.
  • Establishing a Follow-Up Action: When a PR is merged sans tests due to an emergency, the submitter should create a follow-up ticket or issue for writing the required tests. This ensures that the temporary relaxation of testing norms does not become a permanent practice.

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Happy holiday! 🎄🧑‍🎄