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What's inside the book

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    Nico Prananta

A book for software developers who struggle with reviewing pull requests, Pull Request Best Practices is the culmination of lessons I learned while leading a team of developers for years. If the PR process is slowing you down, this book can help you and your team achieve three important goals:

  • 🚀 Ship fast and frequently
  • 💎 Deliver high-quality products
  • 🗄️ Maintain a manageable code base

In seven concise chapters, I briefly outline what a pull request is, why it's important, and how to write and review pull requests efficiently, saving everyone time:

  1. Introduction
  2. Pull Requests: Changing the Game in Software Development
    • The Era of Centralized VCS and Monolithic Codebases
    • The Emergence of DVCS: A New Era in Software Development
    • Pull Requests: Revolutionizing Collaboration in Software Development
    • The Widespread Impact of Pull Requests
    • Evolution and Enhancement of Pull Requests
  3. In-Depth Comparison of Code Collaboration Platforms
    • GitHub: The Popular Choice for Open-Source
    • GitLab: A One-Stop DevOps Platform
    • Bitbucket: Integrated with Atlassian Tools
    • Other Platforms: Diverse Options for Different Needs
  4. Benefits of Pull Requests in Team Collaboration
    • Sharing Knowledge: Helping Teams Grow
    • Code Reviews for Better Quality Control
    • Making Sure Projects Stay on Track: Improving Alignment with Goals
    • Encouraging Openness and Responsibility
    • Building a Collaborative Culture
  5. Key Components of a PR for Effective Collaboration
    • Title and Description: The Starting Point
    • Diffs and File Changes: Understanding the Impact
    • Organizational Elements: Streamlining the Process
    • Comments and Discussions: The Heart of Collaboration
    • Finalizing a Pull Request: Different Ways to Merge Code
  6. Crafting Pull Requests That Save Everyone's Time
    • Linking to the Ticket/Issue
    • Automating the Review Process
    • Concise and Clear Descriptions
    • Utilizing Screenshots and Videos
    • Step-by-Step Testing Instructions
    • Keeping PRs Small and Manageable
    • Draft Pull Requests: Managing Early Stage Reviews
    • Your PR, Your Responsibility: Proactive Management of Pull Requests
    • Navigating Through Conflicts with Caution and Collaboration
  7. Effective Strategies for Reviewing Pull Requests
    • Commenting Efficiently
    • Checklist for Review (note: Lots of practical tips in this section!)
    • Additional Tips
  8. Integrating AI into PR Review Processes
    • AI Tools for code review
    • The million dollar question

You can read a sample section here.

This book is not just for experienced developers! Whether you're new to programming or have been around the coding world for some time, it's time to up your PR process game!

Grab your copy now.